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Cocker spaniel

Dog Friendly Grooms is proud to serve the Ridgewood, NY area for everything about pet grooming. Dog Friendly Grooms is run by Sandra Gonzalez, who is an experienced Ridgewood pet groomer.

We provide patient, loving grooms in a kennel-free environment to stinky dogs, large and small, who would rather be anywhere else than on our table. That being said, we try very hard to make your time with us as pleasant and stress free as possible for you and
your best friend.

If its your first visit, we're going to ask lots of questions about your dog--hope that's OK? General health, temperament, age, previous grooming experiences, playful, shy, reactive, food motivated, all of it matters in making your dog a groom-lover or groom hater.
Once that's covered, then we ask you what you want your pup to look like. Whether you show us a picture or describe your vision
in painstaking detail, we strive to give you exactly what you want because hand-scissored, beautifully finished grooms are our specialty. We love breed cuts, or your own unique variations, and we welcome the opportunity to enhance your dog's appearance
to his or her best advantage.

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